Where I’ve been

I know, I know. I just left everyone hanging for a bit. I’m sorry. Things have been completely crazy. Lover boy lost his aunt and then his job. Who do you think he called to pick up the pieces of his broken world?

I held him while he cried. I sat with him while he soaked his troubles away in a hot bath. I cooked his comfort foods. Of course, we also had crazy passionate sex! For about a week, he hid away from the world with me. I was all he needed and all he wanted. It wasn’t enough.

He has since left for work in another state and will be gone for months at a time. He already calls to tell me about all the good looking girls that he has falling all over him. I want to hate him. I want to tell at him and hang up in his face. But, I did this.

I agreed to be fwb. I knew darn good and  well that he would continue to be a giant man whore while I continue to fall in love every time I see him or hear his voice. I continue to pretend I’m ok. I can’t help it. I can’t stop myself. I’m addicted to him. So I work, take care of the kids, and cry in my shower. That’s where I’ve been.


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